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***, 1925
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Discover the life story of Robert Altman, a public figure known for his talent and hard work. In this article, we'll explore Robert Altman's family, career, achievements, relationships, marital status, appearance, earnings, and success.

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Robert Altman wiki

Robert Bernard Altman was an American film director, screenwriter, and producer. Altman is known as a five-time nominee of the Academy Award for Best Director and an enduring figure from the New Hollywood era, comparable to such directors as Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Sidney Lumet and David Lynch. Altman was considered a "maverick" in making films with a highly naturalistic but stylized and satirical aesthetic, unlike most Hollywood films. He is consistently ranked as one of the greatest and most influential filmmakers in American cinema. His style of filmmaking covered many genres, but usually with a "subversive" twist which typically relied on satire and humor to express his personal views. Altman developed a reputation for being "anti-Hollywood" and non-conformist in both his themes and directing style. However, actors especially enjoyed working under his direction because he encouraged them to improvise, thereby inspiring their own creativity.

Born Robert Bernard Altman, February 20, 1925, Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.
Died November 20, 2006, Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Occupation Filmmaker
Years active 1947–2006
Known for M, A, S, H (1970), McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971), The Long Goodbye (1973), Nashville (1975), 3 Women (1977), Secret Honor (1984), The Player (1992), Short Cuts (1993) Gosford Park (2001)
Children 6

1. About Director Robert Altman

Unconventional filmmaker who was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director on five occasions. His best known films include MASH, Nashville, The Player, Shortcuts, McCabe and Mrs. Miller, Short Cuts and Gosford Park.

2. Robert Altman's family, spouse, dating & relationships

He married three times: first to LaVonne Elmer in 1946, then to Lotus Corelli in 1954 and finally to Kathryn Reed in 1959.

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3. Robert Altman before gaining fame

He flew 50 bombing missions in World War II.

4. The famous artist Robert Altman collaborated with

He directed Tim Robbins in The Player and Short Cuts.

5. Awards & achievements of Robert Altman

MASH won the prestigious Golden Palm at the 1970 Cannes Film Festival and in 1992, he won the Best Director award at Cannes for The Player.

6. Robert Altman on social media

In a nutshell, Robert Altman's life is a shining example of how dedication and talent can propel someone to greatness.

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